1. What are the formalities for counting of past services in kendriya vidyalaya sangathan?

Ans: As per instruction issued by the Govt. of India, Department of Personnel and AR vide OM No.28/10/84-Pension Unit dated 29.8.84 and amendment from time to time, the past services rendered by employees in other Central Govt./State Govt./Autonomous Organization can be counted.

2. What are the powers of commissioner regarding transfer/posting in KVS?

Ans: As per Article 15(a)(3) of Education Code for Kendriya Vidyalaya, empowers Commissioner, KVS to transfer, post and assign any duties to all officers and staff at the Headquarters, Regional Offices as well as Vidyalayas.

3. What are the reservation provisions followed by KVS?

Ans: KVS follows Govt. of India rules for providing reservation.

4. Provide the kind of leave for which KVS employees are entitled?

Ans: KVS follows the leave rules as applicable to the Central Govt. employees as per CCS Leave Rules, 1972.