ICT Infrastructure

In order to foster the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in KVS, earnest endeavours have been made since November 2005. Additional computer laboratories have been established and new computers have been procured. Over the past 17 years and 4 months, a total of 64,886 new computers have been installed in our computer laboratories, augmenting the total number to 77,583. Consequently, the Pupil PC ratio has significantly improved from 53:1 to 18:1 as on 30 April, 2023. KVS is consistently striving to strengthen its computer infrastructure and to further enhance the Pupil PC ratio, all for the betterment of our students.

ICT Infrastructure in KVS as on 30-04-2023

ICT Infrastructure in KVS as on 30-04-2023
Sr. No. Item Number
1 Total no. of functional KVs 1253
2 Total no. of computers available in KVs 77,583
3 Total no. of students in KVs 14,25,164
4 Student Computer ratio 18:1
5 No. of KVs with computer labs 1243(99.20%)
6 No. of KVs having Internet Connectivity 1252(99.92%)
7 No. of KVs having Broad Band Connectivity 1229(98.08%)
8 No. of KVs having their own Websites 1253(100%)
9 No. of e-classrooms in KVs 12347
10 No. of Personalized Learning using connected classroom solution in 265 KVs under PMJVK Scheme of Ministry of Minority Affairs 277
11 No. of KVs with Modernized Science Lab 928
12 No. of Digital Language Lab 376